Talart Oy

Talart oy was established 1996 in Kangasala, Finland.  Talart is a manufacturer for tailor made wheelchairs such as JT-Ultimate, JT-Speed ,JT-Mirage and JT-Aqua. Talart also produces serial production wheelchair model JT-Ready and works in wide variety of car adaptions. The company is also a distributor for many well known brands such as Tarta, Alois Praschberger, Carbolife, Spinergy, Veigel.

The idea of manufacturing wheelchairs was born by founder Jukka Tala, who paralyzed in a motorcycle accident 1980. He wanted to design a wheelchair that fits to person´s needs, not the other way. After producing a basketball wheelchair for himself , friends and people around him started to ask produce wheelchairs.

Nowadays Talart is a well known wheelchair manufacturer in Finland and the company has always been specialized in position correction. Wheelchairs do not have weight or disability limits for the customers. All tailor made wheelchair models are designed by 3D program and therefore 3d picture together with the measurements are sent to the customer. In many cases , the wheelchair is also tested before final assembly to make sure that everything fits perfect for the customer. Variety of wheelchair accessories around the world can be easily adapted to the wheelchairs.

Wheelchair frames are built from 7000 series aluminium and heat treated before the final assembly. For the finishing, there are multiple powder coat and metallic coating options to choose. Also water transfer printing for the frames is available.

Please contact us if you want to know more. Let´s meet and book a meeting together to see what kind of tailor made wheelchair you would like to get!