Tarta Backrests

Talart Oy is official Tarta distributor in Finland

Tarta Original:

Designed to be adaptable to the user’s needs, every single part of the Original can be customised to fit the individual with minimal tools and easy adjustments

Original® is the most flexible backrest in the world! The central column gives freedom of movement and support to improve quality of life for users.

Comfortable washable foam pads can be used in any combination and with 12 different shapes to choose from it is unique to the user’s needs.

To satisfy all the user needs. Every stave and every vertebrae can beinclined to follow also scoliosis cases.

  • Can be adapted to any manual wheelchair. Multiple attachment options
  • Product weight:  900g – 1500g
  • Versatile adjustments. Can be locked into desired position
  • Simple and functional design
  • Custom colors and multiple options for finishing
  • 30 degree cleaning program
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL (25 – 46cm seating width)
  • Accessories:
    • Neoprene cover
    • Miniupholstery for the lower part of backrest
    • Custom cushions

Price starting at: 980€, VAT 0%


Tarta EMYS



Tarta Emys is similar type backrest as Original model, but it is more solid structure. It is designed for the persons who do not necessarily need large customization. Emys is comfortable and have many same characters that Original model have. You can choose from different heights and shapes to get the best fit for you.
-Quickrelease attachment for fixed frame and folding frame wheelchairs
-Removable cushions
-Ribs can be bent for ideal shape
-Backrest inclines and declines. Can be locked when the desired position have been found or leave it active!
-Height 3-6 vertebrae
-Sizes: S,M,L,XL
-Shapes: Three different contours
-Multiple color and design options for finishing