We supply wide range of different pushrim models.
Here are listed below the most common ones:
Kelausvanteet kuva
PVC 24-26″
Push rim with grip
Titanium 24-26″
Smooth, really light and durable.

Curve anodized black

Curve 24-26″
The shape of the pushrim have been designed the way your hand grabs the pushrim.

Curve L Grip

Curve L Grip

Curve L eloksoitu musta

Curve L 24-26″ (Tetragrip)
L-size is little bit thicker to hold on compared to standard curve size.

Gekko pushrim

Gekko pushrim has dual grip possibility. You can get more grip from the rubber on the top and less grip from the side of the pushrim for example when trying to slow down movement.

Quadro 24-26″
Designed specially for persons, who have lack of control in their fingers. Coating is really sticky rubber grip.