Speedbike COMP CC handcycle

Speedbike Comp CC is a cross country handcycle with higher ground clearance. Higher ground clearance also helps transferring from wheelchair to handcycle.

Multiple adjustments: Seating depth, Backrest angle, width of hand cranks, footrest depth

Accessories: Power bike, suspension, rear disc brakes, double batteries.


Variety of color options



  • Made in Austria
  • Frame material: Chromemolybdenium
  • Basic accessories:
    • Shimano XT-30 gears
    • Hydraulic -and v-brake
    • V-hand cranks, width adjustment. 22-30mm ergo handles
    • 26″(559) crosscountry tires
    • Camber angle 0-12 degrees
    • Aluminium chainguards
    • Steering damber rubber
    • Backrest with angle adjustment
    • 5cm cushion
    • Digital LCD meter,bell and bottle holder
    • Front fender


  • Extra accessories:
    • Rear suspension
    • Power assist motor 350w/14Ah
    • Lights
    • Navi TEASI one3
    • Phonebag
    • Large bag
    • Rearview mirror
    • Cover
    • Indoor training rolls